One of the ways course contacts are generated every year is through TACO creative outreach tours. This month we will send you a report on the Anzac Tour that happened in April. Many people filled out surveys asking for information about Jesus Christ and the Bible.


10-24 April, 2015Check out the tour videos here (3:10) and here (3:48)

On Friday the 10th of April, the guest artists from overseas arrived, and our ANZAC team reached its full count of almost 40 people!

Our team was a fun mix of mostly Aussies, several members of our TACO team, and some "TACO-extension" members including Dustin and Katie Kelm and Rob Carter.

During World War I, soldiers from Australia and New Zealand (called "ANZACs") were sent to take control over Gallipoli and the Dardanelles. There was much loss of life on both sides for both ANZAC and Turkish forces. 2015 marks 100 years of peace between the ANZACs and Turkey since the battle near Çanakkale, Turkey. They now came together in peace instead of war in a show featuring music, unicycling, dancing and live painting. Our two street shows in Istanbul attracted over 500 people. The team was able to have some great conversations and meet Turks and others from Serbia, Bali and China.

After the weekend, our team took off for Bursa. A crowd of approximately 500 listened intently as we shared the gospel. After the show many people filled out surveys and took home "More Than Dreams" DVDs. There were a good number of Syrians and other Arabic speakers that were prayed for and able to receive some literature in Arabic. Let's pray for the workers and church in Bursa, as there are a lot of interested people to follow up.

The following day our team headed to Bandırma for a show in the city square for a crowd of around 150. At the beginning of the show some local police showed up and were very suspicious of our activities. Our local organizer, was able to talk with them and they stayed for part of the show but disappeared conveniently just as Dustin was about to share the gospel. We then had more openness to share and hand out materials.

A special moment happened after this show. One of the team was talking with an older man who used to be a government official - but was a bit hesitant to share with him because of his government background. Finally the man got very close and whispered that many years ago he had received a cassette tape about Jesus. He said this cassette had really touched his heart, but he had lost it, and wanted another. He was overjoyed to receive a Bible and "More Than Dreams" DVD.

There was still more excitement after this show. The police wanted us to follow them to the police station. We were a bit nervous about this, because many of us hadn't been to a police station before in Turkey. We found out that the local Police Chief was soon to be married, so his officer friends just wanted to film some foreigners congratulating him. So now we are great friends with the police force in Bandırma!

We moved on to Çanakkale for a series of FIVE shows. Our first concert in Çanakkale was at the Onsekiz Mart University for a crowd of about 80 students. The message during the concert was more focused on peace than God at the university because of past problems and issues that TACO has had at strongly secular universities.

After the show, a spontaneous dance party broke out. Surveys were filled out and one student in particular really liked our message, performance, and group. A small group from our team met up with this student, Alibaba, for tea closer to the hotel. Alibaba brought his friend from Baghdad, Mohammed, along and they had a meaningful conversations about Jesus. Mohammed especially wanted to go to church, but was worried that if he became Christian in the future, his family would kill him. The two men attended our concerts the next days in Çanakkale. Both Mohammed and Alibaba attended the local church with our group on Sunday! They had a great experience and they want to keep attending. Pray that they may actually come into a strong relationship with Jesus in the coming days.

The rest of the week in Çanakkale we had four more official shows. We had great weather and between 1500-2000 people attend these shows with many more interesting conversations. After this exciting week in Çanakkale we traveled on to do shows in Izmir, Selçuk and Kuşadası. The weather was very rainy, windy and cold most of the time and two of our four shows were canceled and in one some of gear was literally blown away by the wind. However, on our last day, our team was able to do a street show in Selçuk right next to the central police station and there were no issues as Dustin shared the gospel openly. Eight people asked to meet with someone and  talk more about Jesus.

On this tour between 250 - 300 people filled out surveys and received "More Than Dreams" DVD's and many asked to meet with someone to talk more about Jesus. Praise God for how he brought this team together and touched many lives through the ANZAC peace message and His truth!

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