Dear Friends,

Recently, 2 of our BCC Team visited a neighbourhood on the far side of Istanbul to share about God’s love on the street. They couldn’t find a place suitable to draw a crowd and preach using their sketch board, so they prayed for God to guide them.

They saw a group of people standing and talking together outside a café. They approached the group asked: “I’ve heard that there are believers in Jesus in this neighbourhood. Do you know any of them?”

A man gave him an odd look, went to the shop next door, and then came back quickly.

“I know someone who might know such people, but he is not at work today,” the man said.

They continued to talk to the man, and a few minutes later he called someone on his phone—it was the man they’d been speaking about. After talking for a minute, their new friend handed the phone to one of the workers.

At first the man on the other end was very suspicious, but he explained clearly who he was and the man opened up and said he’d come to faith recently. In fact, at that very moment he was meeting with a Turkish pastor, whose church is near the OM Bible Correspondence Course office on the other side of Istanbul.

“Please don’t tell anyone there that I’ve become a follower of Jesus,” he said. “Because I haven’t even told my family yet, and the only other person who knows of my newfound faith is the guy whom you asked.”

In a neighbourhood of 200,000 people, the BCC worker asked a question he’d never asked before to the only person who knew the answer.

The man who’d made the phone call invited the 2 workers into his café to continue their conversation. They’d only been talking a few minutes before men sitting at a nearby table interrupted them.

“All of us here at our table would like to have New Testaments,” one of them said. “Could you give each of us one?”

They didn’t have enough New Testaments to give to all of them, but the men gave their names and addresses, and the New Testaments were sent by the Bible Correspondence Course within a few days.

Pray for more divine appointments like this!


The BCC Team