Dear Friends,

This month I would share 2 short stories of a man and woman in Istanbul who have been searching and have entered the "way" of faith in Jesus. Please pray that this search may come to the point of a lifelong obedience to the Master.

One day several months ago during one of our TACO street outreaches a fellow by the name of *Erhan picked up one of our tracts. He had been interested in Jesus, and as is common in this part of the world, Erhan had a dream about Jesus. After watching our street performance he called into the BCC from the tract that he had taken and received more information. He was followed up by *Ertin, from our BCC office and one of our TACO members. After 5 weeks of studying scripture together Erhan gave his life to Jesus. He now meets regularly with other believers and shares his faith with others.

*Nilgun is a 48 year old woman who has gone through some hard times in her life. She was losing any belief in a caring God but at that time she found a church from the BCC Website. She went to the church and slowly started to find hope in her life. She did a few courses from the BCC and started to understand better what is Christianity. We met and had a few cups of Turkish tea and talked two hours about Baptism and communion and it was explained to her that actually Christianity is not a religion. It is a relationship with God. I shared my testimony with her and explained to her that God doesn't always change our hearts in a month, but slowly the Holy Spirit makes our hearts softer and we are able to forgive faster and thus have more love to share with others. She is on the path of faith and we hope she will continue the way of Jesus in the future.


The BCC Team

*Names changed