This month we'd like to share a couple reports from 2 girls (*Mary and *Joy) who have an itinerant ministry of travelling and sharing the gospel with women around the country. They also oversee all the women's follow-up around Turkey that is not covered by our local follow-up co-workers. Here are reports for two of the women that they have followed up in recent months:

*Ebru - Bodrum

We met Ebru, who had forgotten that she had ever written to the Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) asking for a Bible. Several years had passed. We're we late? No! We arrived right on God's perfect time. As financial difficulties and family stress were weighing heavily on her, her heart was seeking rest that only God can give. Tears sprang to her eyes as we shared and prayed with her and the Spirit of God touched her in a personal way. Pray for her to hunger and thirst after God, devour His Word, and find her rest and joy in His presence.

*Deniz - Marmaris

Deniz rolled up on the back of her boyfriend's motorcycle. It was 10:30pm and she had just gotten off work at a tattoo parlour at a local hotel. She took us to her home and started to talk. She has had a hard childhood and struggled with many sins, but after she had a dream where Jesus came to her, laid His hand on her shoulder and told her not to fear she then contacted the BCC. She said the love she felt from Jesus was not any anyway sexual, but was a warm, all encompassing father-like love. That love cannot be matched by anything, she said. We explained what God did to demonstrate His love for her and she put her faith in Jesus Christ. She thanked us for calling her and seeking her out. After asking several times about the meaning of baptism and expressing her desire to be baptized, we took her down to the sea and baptized her there. "I feel like I have been born again!" She exclaimed. Pray for her as she shares with her family and friends what God has done for her. She has since found another foreign believer living there she has begun meeting with as well as sharing with her family and the customers who come to her tattoo parlour. Pray for her as she reads the Bible for her to grow.

Please pray for Mary an Joy, that God would continue to bless them and lead them to the women who are most hungry to know Him. Pray for the above women and others like them who are waiting for visits from those who have the key that will open the door to their hearts.


The BCC Team

*Names changed