Dear Friends

One of the follow-up teams in the Izmir area, a local church, have been faithfully following up BCC contacts and also regularly host creative outreaches. We recently received the following report from them...

We recently met with *Ömer and shared the Gospel with him. He was overjoyed at meeting us and hearing the good news. We encouraged him and he will be attending our fellowship on Sunday and we will be meeting on a weekly basis in the coming weeks.

I have other news: *Burak has also recently decided to follow Jesus. We have been meeting for a long time and he created some problems along the way, but praise God he has asked for forgiveness, come to faith and his heart is changing which is seen by the fruits of the Spirit coming alive in his life. Praise the Lord for Burak!

In addition Burak's mother has also come to faith recently. Last Sunday we shared the gospel with her (*Şenay) and she cried in repentance and believed. She told us what really caused her to change and know that Jesus was alive and true was the change she saw in her son. When she saw the unbelievable change in her son's life it caused a "wonder" to awaken in her heart. In her own words, "I thought my son could never change but I saw this wonderful change with my own eyes and I knew Jesus was true."

Praise the Lord for saving these 2 precious souls.

In addition here is a report from 2 nights of outreach in Izmir with the same group of believers:

That night we knew we would not have power available so we set up a street show running on battery power in the park-like area along the sea-side called the "Kordon". As we began our show we quickly drew an audience of passers-by. Several folks were inebriated and one in particular decided that she wanted to join our show. The rest of the audience graciously bore with the distraction and listened to the music and testimonies, as well as watched the drama. At the end of the show many people rushed the survey table and many stayed to talk. After a couple of days we returned to İzmir for another show. We had everything set up and were about to start when a policeman walked up. Someone had complained that we were on the grass. He said we could move anywhere in the area as long as it was off the grass. On the other side of the little hill we quickly set up in a huge paved area with a big statue in the middle. On the grassy side of the hill we had an audience of about 100 people but within moments of moving to the other side of the hill our audience more than quadrupled. The thing that Satan sent to discourage us is the thing God used to reach out to hundreds more people.

*Names changed

Thanks for your prayers for these people and events!

From the BCC Team