Dear Friends of the BCC,

Last month we had a focus on praying for those in prison in Turkey. We received such a wonderful story in the last weeks, also connected to a prisoner, we thought it would be good to continue that thread with the following story:

Z and her son met us when we got off the bus. As we awkwardly sat in a cafe close to the bus terminal sipping tea, I asked her how she began to be interested in the Holy Books. Actually, it was her husband who was interested, she explained. But he was in prison so he couldn't meet us. But she assured us he would call. Sure enough, after a few minutes he called. He explained how he had contacted the BCC in his wife's name because he wasn't allowed mail in prison. He has been talking to a brother in the BCC about everyday who has taught him a lot about Jesus.

"I want you to help my family," he begged. "We don't want your money, I just want you to tell them about salvation. Please, will you tell them about Jesus Christ!" I assured him I was more than happy to do just that. After I launched into the Gospel story, starting with creation for context, he called again to check that I was really telling them the way of salvation. After explaining the Gospel and sharing that receiving salvation is like receiving a gift, we showed her "The Prophet's Story" short video. "Look," she said to her son, "This is just like what she was telling us. " I asked a few questions to see if they understood who Jesus is and how we can be saved through him, but she didn't seem to really understand. Later, her husband called again to beg us to go to his house and share the gospel also with his other children and his grandchild. His daughter remembered watching the Jesus Film years ago, but didn't understand why Jesus needed to die. We watched "The Prophets' Story" with her too, and she paused it several times to comment on the message of sacrifice and atonement. When the children arrived, Z told us to show them the video too. Afterwards, I asked the kids why Jesus died. "For our sins!" one answered. "But what does that mean," I asked. "Jesus was the sacrifice for us," Z answered (she finally got it!!!). I told them from Romans 10:9 how we can be saved and asked if they wanted to put their faith in Jesus. "But what about our prophet?" one of the little ones asked. "What did he do for you?" I asked her. "Nothing," she replied. "What did Jesus Christ do for you?" I asked. "He died for me!" She answered. "Then I will believe in Jesus!" She proclaimed. I asked all of the family if they wanted to put their faith in Jesus, believing that he is Lord and He died and was raised to life making the way for them to be reconciled to God. "Yes! Yes! We believe!" They answered. "Now what do we do?" they asked.

Now you live your life full of thanksgiving for what he has done. Pray to Him. Ask him for anything. Read the NT to get to know him better, I shared. The children wanted to pray for their fathers eyes to be healed so we stopped and prayed right then. Soon the phone rang again, and their father's friend in jail wanted to talk to me. "How many NT's did you bring?" He asked. "Two," I answered. "Could you please leave one for me. I want to pick it up as soon as I am released," he said. Their father thanked us profusely for coming. God is really doing something new in this small town in the province of Afyon that has no workers or fellowship. Pray for this family to grow and be strengthened in their faith and to be reunited with their father as a whole family physically and spiritually.

Many or seeking God in these difficult times in Turkey. Pray that those who seek will find!


From the BCC Team