Dear Friends of the BCC,

The Bible Correspondence has an online chat line that people from all around Turkey, talk on with our chat operators throughout the day 7 days a week. There are approximately 20-30 people who chat with our operators and/or sign up for our correspondence course every day. I thought it would be interesting to give you snippets of some of the conversations and then you can pray for the different chat operators and the people in each individual snippet of conversation. The person who are calling in will be the first name and the chat operator will be the second name:

*Fatma: I would like to know about the parts in the New Testament that talk about Job

*Musa: Job appears in the Old Testament, not in the New Testament

Fatma: OK who is the Paraclete?

Musa: It talks about him in John 14:14 in the New Testament and says after Jesus after ascending to heaven that he would be a helper to followers of Jesus

Fatma: So, He is the Holy Spirit.

Musa: Yes, he is from the same essence as God and is the existence of God that is together with us to help us follow God the Father and Jesus and lives in our hearts. So, something that lives inside every believer?

Musa: Yes, one is with us to empower us to act according to God's will

*Ali: I want to read the 4 Holy Books (The Torah, Psalms, New Testament and the Koran) and thought I would start with the New Testament.

*Barış: Wonderful! In the Bible God says if you search for me I will cause you to find Me. To search for God is to search for truth.

Ali: What religion do you follow and how old are you?

Barış: We are followers of Jesus and our Holy book is the Bible that includes the Torah, Psalms and New Testament. I am 43 years old.

Ali: Did you become a Christian later in life?

Barış: Yes, I was a very religious Muslim for many years.

Ali: I also am a Muslim but in order find the truth it is necessary to search.

Barış: When I read the New Testament I was greatly touched, especially when I read John chapters 13-17. The last supper of Jesus Christ and his disciples really had a great influence on me. I did a Master’s degree in America and lived there for 15 years. Read and pray and the Lord will help you find the truth.

Ali: How beautiful. I hope so.

Barış: Hanging around experienced/wise people and getting their advice helps people to grow and find wisdom.

Ali: Yes, but unfortunately I have no people like you that are anywhere around me.

Barış: In Ankara we have some very good churches and will take a deep interest and help you in your search.

Ali: I would like that but first I would like to read the New Testament.

Barış: That sounds great. Read the New Testament and then as you have questions are friends can help

*Cem: I was defending Satanism on a website but something happened. I had a vision and in the vision someone said to me, "You can't see the Lord when you look at Satan. This was in the afternoon at my work place while I was wide awake. I heard the voice as clear as if it was someone talking directly to me and then ın a very dıfferent tone the voice said exactly the same thing to me again. I want to believe in Jesus Christ but I used to be a believer in Lucifer.

*Ayhan: Yes, the Devil is the enemy of the Lord and of mankind.

Cem: OK, if I repent will I be forgiven?

Ayhan: Certainly

Ayhan: Totally reject the Devil and his works and surrender yourself totally to Jesus Christ

Cem: Thank you so much. I will try.

Pray for our chat operators Musa, Barış, Ayhan and our other chat operators. Pray also for Fatma, Ali and Cem and many other seekers like them, that they, as they search for truth find it in the only one who is truth - The King of Truth.

*Names changed

God bless you,

The BCC team