Dear Friends,

I thought I would follow-up on a blurb from last month's report with recent related happenings. Below is a paragraph from last month,

*Muhammed and his friends live in a very isolated area where there is no church in their province on the Iranian border in far Eastern Turkey. Next month a BCC follow-up worker living in the city of Van will be visiting them. Pray that God will prepare their hearts and give Muharrem the right words to speak to them.

Here is an update of what has happened since.

"It was a long trip, a 7 hour round trip. This city, known as a very conservative Muslim city, where we arrived at 2 pm and found the 6 university students were waiting for us to hear about the Gospel. We talked until 3am in the morning. They had a lot of questions about Christianity.


It was fruitful trip and we plan to go back on 23 May. They said there are 6 more students who are interested to hear from us about Christianity. 


Thank you for your prayers. God is working among them. Yesterday I talked to one of the students in this group and he said some people already are ready to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord. We are excited and amazed how things are going. I talked to Muhammed and 6 of the 12 students are ready to accept Jesus and they want to make a faith confession in our believer's meeting. Those 6 students are the ones we met on our trip last week. We hope to plant a house church in their city".

*Names changed


Thank you for your prayers,
The BCC Team