Dear Frıends,

It's the end of the year and thus time for end of the year reports. We could share many testimonies but for now, will just send you one from the city of İskenderun and the local follow-up person and pastor there - Cem! We will plan on sharing several more things from the last year in the next few months.


Without further ado check out the synopsis of the year from the city of İskenderun on the Mediterranean coast near the Syrian border...



Total meetings: 65

Meetings by telephone: 48

Face to face meetings: 17

New believers: 1

Tufan's Story in his own words:

"Hello, my name is Tufan. I come from an Alevi family (A sect of Shia Islam based in Turkey) but grew up having little to no belief in God. I later married and started a family. With time a hunger to learn about and know God was birthed in my heart. I had lost my father and especially after that I entered into a deep search. I discovered the BCC on the internet and received a New Testament from them. Soon after that I met with Cem many times and spent many hours in discussion with him. In time I discovered the truth and turned from my sins and embraced Christ Jesus as my Lord and Master. Presently I am attending the New Testament Church in İskenderun and am going through baptism lessons with the expectant hope to finish them and be baptized."


Please pray for Tufan and also his family. Also pray for Cem as he continues to do many follow-up visits and function as the leader of the group of believers in Iskenderun.


David Wilson

For the BCC Team