Dear Friends,

Here are 4 snippets from around the country for you prayers:

*Yusuf - Manisa

I spoke with Yusuf on the phone. He was very interested in meeting even during our first conversation. It took us about 3 weeks to get to Salihli to meet with him, but when we did we were very encouraged by the questions that he was asking. It really seemed that the Lord was speaking with him. He had been reading the New Testament that he received from the website, he had even memorized some verses. We have been able to sit with him a few times, one time at his house. He  has introduced us to his wife who isn't showing much interest, but he has even been sharing with her and trying to get her to read the New Testament also. We hope to be able to meet with him on a regular basis and continue studying the Scriptures with him, we believe that he is close to becoming a Christian.   

*Nuray - Ankara


Nuray is a woman about 40 years of age who came to Christ in 2017 and was baptized in mid December. She is divorced but her son lives with her. Her son who is 14 accepts everything he's  heard and may be a believer. Nuray is sharing Christ through Facebook and chats with a network of people.



*Cenk - Istanbul


About 2 months ago I received a contact from the BCC. He was a 20 year old university student by the name of Cenk and met with him several times. Then with a few other young followers of Jesus we came together and began to read the gospel of John in the New Testament. Through this Cenk believed and we now meet weekly.



*Oğuz - Adapazarı

Oğuz grew up in a religious and conservative family, and his father graduated from an Islamic seminary and taught religious classes in school.  His parents forced him to read the Koran and follow the  Islamic laws.  To please his parents, he followed Islamic laws and lived as a good Muslim. After he graduated from Marmara University, he had suspicions about the teaching of Islam, especially with the belief that the New Testament had been changed  and whether God can allow such a thing.  For several years, he studied about Islam and the life of Mohammed more seriously and found many inconsistencies.  Soon afterward, he began to seek the truth in Christianity.  He began to read about Christianity on the internet and requested a New Testament from the BCC.  In August  2014, I first met Oğuz,  and he had many questions about the life of Jesus Christ and Christianity.  We began to study the Scriptures and after studying the Scriptures for 3 months, he decided to receive Jesus Christ. He followed Jesus for some time but then because of various issues grew cold. For a year, he was struggling, but now he is in the process of coming back to Him.  Please remember Oğuz that he will  completely come back to Jesus.

Please pray that these friends will grow mightily in the Lord and that the Lord will use them as vehicles for His kingdom.

*Names changed


David Wilson

For the BCC Team