Dear Friends,

I would say this is a unique time for Turkey. Our brother Andrew Brunson was finally released from prison last week and thus Turkey is in the news and many people continue to pray for this country. It is an unprecedented time of interest in the gospel. Below are pictures from around the country of just a handful of those who are interested, just entering the road to faith and/or who have decided to follow the wonderful, yet difficult, path of following Jesus. Pray for them and the many others who are searching and finding their Master in these days...


He has been a believer for 3 years. At one point his family came strongly against his faith. His father attacked him with an iron rod and broke his leg. He was locked in his room for a week and his leg became gangrenous. We have done a few Bible Studies and he is really enjoying our studies and growing. We will try to meet every week.









A brother who has come to faith in Konya












A new group of believers in Konya who want to meet for fellowship every week

Course students and friends on a trip to the Southeast of Turkey

He believed on Wednesday and wants to be baptized

He said he wanted to believe. He will come to our meeting on Sunday and pray to receive Christ

Last Sunday 19 people were baptized. Praise God 17 of them were connected to the BCC in some way


This Sunday 5 more people were baptized. 2 of them were BCC contacts

Yours for His Kingdom in Turkey,

David Wilson

For the BCC Team