Dear Friends,

"I am very happy to let you know that on January 7 we completed the spending of the 2018 BCC designated gifts for advertising on Google and Facebook.

Last Thursday, the BCC sent out 1,015 packages of New Testaments and other books to enquirers. This number is an all-time record for the Course and we thank you for grateful support. This would have been a wonderful gift for the people who saw our ads over the Christmas and New Year season.

Here are some statistical charts of the BCC Turkish Website view of Google

See 1. “Dec 2018 - Google Anlaytics.”

People viewed pages on our “” website 464,250 times in December. Usually we have 2000 to 3000 daily visitors to our website, but by the end of the month this had increased to approximately 40,000 viewers. The age and genders are over 60% of young men between 18-24 and 39.8% of women in the big cities of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

See 2. “Jan – Dec. 2018  – Google Analytics.”

Almost 2 million pages were viewed by visitors to our website in 2018. This was an increase of 353.3%. This also shows which Google channels our visitors are coming from, which cities, their age and gender,

See 3. “BCC 2018 Funnel”

Shows how many people saw our ads, how many filled out our form, and how many face to face visits took place.

The BCC ministry was grateful for this gift. Our chat operators were overwhelmed with work because of the extra visitors to our web site.

I think we have highly achieved our BCC goals in 2018. On average we sent out over 200 gospel packages per week. We mobilized local churches to evangelize their community and invited people to come to their meetings with face to face contacts, almost every month. The BCC ministry loves to share the Good News with seekers, distributing New Testament and tracts, and praying for their needs almost every week.

All of this great work of evangelism would not be possible without your support and faithful gifts. We hope and pray that your support will be used for the Kingdom of God and bring much glory to God. With your help, the BCC Turkey ministry will continue to grow in 2019 to bear a lot of fruit in this country.

Many blessings

The BCC Team