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I have been helping the Thursday Packing Team at the BCC (Bible Correspondence Course) in Istanbul Turkey for over three years now. In fact it was all I ever wanted to do when I came to Turkey. But what exactly is the Thursday Packing Team?

A group of men and women, all volunteers both young and old alike assemble every Thursday in the BCC office in Kadiköy. Sometimes we have people who come to help from other countries involved in a short-term mission programme, from countries such as the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Romania, the United Kingdom and many others. The number of packages varies each week, in the past we have had as many as 600, but usually the number is around 200 new enquiries each week.

The day together usually starts with prayer, for the Muslims who have requested the packages we send out. Sometimes an Incil (New Testament), maybe a dvd, such as “More than Dreams”, as well as other books that will help them find out who Jesus is and show them that our creator Father God seeks relationship with them, not ritual!

Each member of the team will take a list with the names of enquirers and the items they have requested, and write the letters to each person and then make up the package. Over the years the members of the group has changed, but the aim remains the same, to get the message of the gospel of Christ out to Muslims across Turkey and beyond.

The BCC is an amazing ministry, something like 55% of Muslims in Turkey have come to faith in Jesus in part through the work of the BCC. Sometimes the package doesn’t reach its intended recipient. One man requested an Incil, when he received it, he threw it in a dustbin in the grounds of a hotel. But God used that situation and a lorry driver rummaging through the dustbin found the package and began reading the Incil. He later called the BCC and subsequently came to faith!

During the weeks I have been involved we have had visiting film crews from Korea and the USA who have come to see the work in progress, then take the film back to their home countries and share it with believers there so that they too can be involved in prayer for the expansion of the work.

So if you are a believer with a heart for Turkey and the BCC and you are in Istanbul on a Thursday and want to find out more, or come and help, give us a call. You would be very welcome!

Lydia is 27 years old and grew up in the South of Turkey. When she was 8 years old someone (probably the BCC) sent the Jesus film and a New Testament to her family. They watched the Jesus film together and she wanted to know more but she was afraid to tell her family. In religion class at school she longed for the religion teacher to teach about Jesus but she never did. One day her school went on a trip to the mosque. She heard that it was God's house and a place of peace, but she couldn't find peace and was very discouraged. For a long time she used wondered who God and Jesus were.

After she moved to a big city with her family they visited a Catholic church and she was amazed to feel the peace of God's presence there. She found our website. She felt what she was reading there was true and visited it for two years. She was hesitant to write to us but eventually after researching she contacted us to us to say she wanted to follow Jesus. Some of the women from our office visited her and explained about Jesus and the Holy Spirit. She was ready to accept Jesus and now wants to go to church.

Please pray for Lydia and pray for those who are on the road but still haven’t arrived at their final destination.

Imagine thousands of Muslims streaming to a church for prayer...

One of the most exciting outreaches of the year is April 23rd when tens of thousands of Turks travel to the ‘Big Island’ in Istanbul, climb the hill to an ancient Greek monastery and pray for a blessing. Folklore has it that if you visit the monastery and light a candle or run an unbroken piece of string from the bottom of the hill up to the monastery, you will receive an answer to your prayer.