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 Dear Friends,

As you see from many of our updates much of what the “Bible Correspondence Course” involves is a lot more than just sending out and grading correspondence courses.  Sometimes what starts as one e-mail or one phone call expands in ways that one would never expect.  It all started with a phone call in our office and a request from a professor at Artvin Universtiy in Northeastern Turkey.  I thought I would include the anatomy of some of the correspondence among our team to share how this one small phone call expanded into a much larger field of opportunity...

Dear All

Normally we do not send out bulk copies of the NT when people ask us. But we received a request from Prof. Muhammet Ozdemir at Artvin University. They are discussing or comparing between Kuran and the Bible.

They asked the religious department to get the free Kuran and YYY (publishing house) gave our contact details for free Bibles.

What do you think? I think we have designated gifts for NT and we can send to those who need to study the New Testament.

Thanks, *Sung min

Dear friends,

I unfortunately didn't get to answer this in time before they were sent but I liked *Erkin's idea - in the future let's say that we'll send them if we can do a seminar to present them. What a great opportunity!

Blessings, *Penny

Note:  Erkin’s idea was to say we would be able to send the requested books if we can come and give a talk or do a seminar

Dear Penny

We sent a New Testament and Jesus Film and Dinin Ötesinde (Beyond Religion Course) - 40 of each - together with a survey. I also sent one copy of 90 Questions. I agree with Ercü's comments and I spoke to the Professor Muammet and he said that if he needs it he will ask us. He also asked us to get the the whole Bible but I think it will be too expensive for us.

Samsun religion faculty also asked us for 10 Bibles. I think the Universities seem to be wanting to study the Bible. We should not ignore this opportunity. Praise the Lord - God is using this way.

Blessings, Sung min

Hello brothers and sisters,

Yesterday I went to Artvin University (In Northeastern Turkey). I met with Professor Muhammed and 4 other teachers in his faculty and the faculty president Esat. There were about 40 students in the class and with me was a group of believers from the United States. We spent about 3 hours in the class. The subject of the lecture that I was able to give was the Bible and the Christian faith. I was able to share the gospel totally openly and explain it in depth. At the end there was a question and answer time with the teachers and students. The Lord gave us a wonderful time and oppourtunity. We were able to start a warm and beautiful relationship. Muhammed is a bachelor and around 30 years old. He is studying Christianity and the history of religions.

Praise the Lord that he opened a beautiful door for future opportunities in Artvin. I am leaving here very encouraged. My prayer is that the interest in generated up until now will continue in there hearts and that through this process some will come to faith.

In Christ’s unequaled love, Erkin

Hello all,

We got a answer sheet from the Dinin Otesinde course back yesterday in the mail already from a female student there, PTL.


Please pray for the results of this evangelistic opportunity and that we will be able to go back to this university on a regular basis.


FromThe BCC Team

*Names Changed

Dear Friends

Starting next Monday, 9th April, and until 30th of April, the Bible Correspondence Course, for the first time, has an outdoor (poster) advertisement campaign. The ad asks the question “What if what we believe is false?” and invites people to send a keyword in a message from their mobile phones or to visit a specially built website. It will be posted at two of Istanbul's major metro stations in large back-lighted 2 meter wide boxes. It will also be in forty-five of the Metrobuses that run a very busy line from one end of the city to the other.

To automatically respond to the mobile phone SMS messages we have built a computer server which can send up to 10,000 messages per month. We are praying that we can break that number, that thousands use the "QR" code or type the web address on their smart phones, and that many will consider Christ as a result of this project.

Pray for genuine interest and curiosity, lasting fruit from this campaign, and that it might be just the first of such events that the BCC can do.


From the BCC Team

Dear Friends,

We hope to have our annual report out and into your hands in February. We hope this update finds you well and content in Jesus.

We can often give the impression that the work is always going forward and there are few problems. That is far from true and we are in a continuous battle. With that in mind pray for the following situation in Istanbul which, unfortunately, isn’t all that unusual:

One of the key guys we were working with in our neighbourhood in Istanbul, a BCC contact, who was baptized and had house meetings for the last three years took a job under a very strict Muslim patron. It seems that over the last year he has steadily distanced himself from us and succumbed to pressure to go to the mosque and act like a Muslim again. It has been a huge loss for our work and personally painful as we have invested so much relationally into him, his wife (who treated us warmly but never professed Christ), and his daughters. We are still praying for reconciliation, between him and God and between him and us, and we are trying to re-orient ourselves in ministry after losing this key household as a base of ministry outreach.

Here are some statistics for 2011:

From 3 of our websites:

Knowing God (

186,000 visits, 1,700 form filled

The Bible (

404,000 pages viewed, 215,400 visits

Answering Islam (

57,700 pages viewed, 26,300 visits

And live chats and Facebook members...

live chats in 2011 : 2,406

Facebook in 2011 : 14,500 new fans

Please pray for all these many seeds that have planted through the world of electronic media and communication.


From the BCC Team