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Dear Friends,

These days there is news of quite a number coming to faith in Turkey through various means? Of course media and the internet have an important role in this. One of the tools God is using is Facebook. It's interesting how media tools are not good or bad but how they are used is the key to their use for evil or for good. In that context God's Spirit is moving through these tools to bring many to himself, I'm guessing this is true in the Muslim world more than anywhere.

Below are the stories of two who have been reached through the medium of Facebook:

BAKİ – Ankara


*Baki comes from a very religious Muslim family. When he first entered our Facebook page he insulted and made fun of Christianity. *Turhan, who works as a volunteer with the BCC, started writing with Baki and received many insults and curses. From the beginning he responded with nothing but words of love and patience. In time Baki's heart was softened and he began to respond in a more pleasant manner. As time continued to pass he began to show more interest and asked more probing questions with a genuine interest to learn. He even started to defend us against others who responded negatively on our Facebook page. Turhan gave him his phone number and they started talking on the phone regularly. He lives in Ankara and was put in touch with one of the churches there. He started to go there and is now receiving lessons about the Christian faith.



*Mustafa's responses on our Facebook page started to draw my attention. He was always defending us against the insults and attacks of others. I gave him my phone number and he called me and we continued to talk regularly on the telephone and I patiently answered his questions. This continued for about a month. He told me he worked in a hospital and for this reason he was fearful about attending a Christian meeting. I continued to encourage him to meet with a group of believers and eventually was able to introduce him to a group of believers in the city of Adana. He started meeting with them although he said it was sometimes difficult to go on Sundays because he often works on Sundays. He has made a profession of faith now but still is shy about meeting with other believers. He is married and has a family and knows he must count the cost if he follows Jesus. Pray that his mustard seed faith will grow into a long-term solid faith in Jesus.

Please continue to pray for the many who are searching for truth through vehicles such as Facebook. That many, many who lives in darkness will find the light through their quest for truth via the internet.


From the BCC Team

*Names changed

Dear Friends,

Traditionally Konya is the "Islamic" capital of Turkey and thus one of the most difficult areas for the gospel to penetrate and grow. There are 2-3 small meetings happening with probably a maximum of 10 believers in this city of over a million people. In the last year 2 people have come to faith as a result of contact with the BCC. A few have made professions through the years but because of all the barriers to true faith in Christ they either move or fall away. Here is the story of one (Ahmet) who recently has chosen the way of Jesus:

My name is Ahmet. I was born and raised in a Muslim society and often read the Koran and went to the Friday prayer's from time to time. I fasted faithfully during Ramadan but as a muslim my spirit was nonexistent. I felt like my worship was empty and I didn't have a handle on real truth. I lived a meaningless life and committed every type of sin. I was unable to find any answers to my questions. I had a very proud personality and knew nothing of love or brotherhood. I thought Jesus was just a prophet. I thought the Bible had been changed and I was told it was no longer valid. The people around me were afraid of Christianity. But I admired the character of Jesus. He was a perfect man. I started to read the Bible and as a read I began to see the truth and understood that Jesus was the the Christ and the son of God. As I continued reading the Bible and praying the emptiness in my heart began to be filled. I was growing close to the Lord. As time passed I became a happier, more peaceful person. I was able to see how much God loved us. I was very impressed by the fact that Jesus died for our rebelliousness and sins. I began to leave my evil practices and my faith began to increase. Jesus taught me how to love others. Today I am being baptized and I'm very happy. From now on I will be one who believes in Jesus reading the Bible, praying, serving and spreading the gospel. My life will be lived in Jesus Christ.

Pray that Ahmet will remain solid in his faith and grow into a strong follower of Jesus and for the dark city of Konya.


From the Bible Correspondence Team


Greetings from the BCC,

In Turkey university students are a key strategic demographic for reaching with the Gospel. They are thinking through key issues of life both intellectually and spiritually.

Hasan is a university student who is from Mersin in South Central Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea who contacted the BCC and has come to faith. Another key issue in a former Muslim's life is if, when and how to make this known to their families. Pray especially for those who make this huge step in a Muslim culture and that they will have a great effect on their families around the country.

Dear Friends,

Hasan came to faith on Dec 31.  So, that makes him 26 days old today! (Sent to us on 25 January)  Praise God. 

Hasan is enjoying his semester break just like college students all over the world...



However, Jesus changes everything!  Here is what Hasan just texted us:


Please pray for Hasan today!


From the BCC Team