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Dear Friends

Starting next Monday, 9th April, and until 30th of April, the Bible Correspondence Course, for the first time, has an outdoor (poster) advertisement campaign. The ad asks the question “What if what we believe is false?” and invites people to send a keyword in a message from their mobile phones or to visit a specially built website. It will be posted at two of Istanbul's major metro stations in large back-lighted 2 meter wide boxes. It will also be in forty-five of the Metrobuses that run a very busy line from one end of the city to the other.

To automatically respond to the mobile phone SMS messages we have built a computer server which can send up to 10,000 messages per month. We are praying that we can break that number, that thousands use the "QR" code or type the web address on their smart phones, and that many will consider Christ as a result of this project.

Pray for genuine interest and curiosity, lasting fruit from this campaign, and that it might be just the first of such events that the BCC can do.


From the BCC Team

Dear Friends,

We hope to have our annual report out and into your hands in February. We hope this update finds you well and content in Jesus.

We can often give the impression that the work is always going forward and there are few problems. That is far from true and we are in a continuous battle. With that in mind pray for the following situation in Istanbul which, unfortunately, isn’t all that unusual:

One of the key guys we were working with in our neighbourhood in Istanbul, a BCC contact, who was baptized and had house meetings for the last three years took a job under a very strict Muslim patron. It seems that over the last year he has steadily distanced himself from us and succumbed to pressure to go to the mosque and act like a Muslim again. It has been a huge loss for our work and personally painful as we have invested so much relationally into him, his wife (who treated us warmly but never professed Christ), and his daughters. We are still praying for reconciliation, between him and God and between him and us, and we are trying to re-orient ourselves in ministry after losing this key household as a base of ministry outreach.

Here are some statistics for 2011:

From 3 of our websites:

Knowing God (

186,000 visits, 1,700 form filled

The Bible (

404,000 pages viewed, 215,400 visits

Answering Islam (

57,700 pages viewed, 26,300 visits

And live chats and Facebook members...

live chats in 2011 : 2,406

Facebook in 2011 : 14,500 new fans

Please pray for all these many seeds that have planted through the world of electronic media and communication.


From the BCC Team

Dear Friends

We have two stories for you this month.  One about a young girl from Ankara and one about a man from the province of Ordu on the Black Sea Coast of Northeastern Turkey. As you read their stories pray for them and that God would bring many more like them to true faith in the living God.

For the BCC Team


"In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

Luke 15:10

A friend of ours from the Bible Correspondence Course sent us the phone number of a girl in Ankara named Cemre who had been corresponding with them for quite some time and wanted to meet with a Christian. We called her, met downtown and sat down over milkshakes to hear her story. She had read the Koran first and then had started comparing it with the New Testament. She explained that she was drawn to the love and grace that she saw in the New Testament as opposed to the judgement in the Koran. We asked her if she believed that Jesus died for her sins and rose again. She said that she did, so we prayed with her and explained to her that she now had the Holy Spirit living inside her. We invited her to our next meeting and plan to keep in touch and start Bible lessons with her. She said she was eager to come and learn and help in any way possible.


"Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest."

John 4:35

The fields are ripe and we are having the opportunity to reap!

From Orhan, the pastor of the church in Samsun:

The brother in the picture is Cevdet. At one time Cevdet was an Muslim Imam (priest). He is married with two children and actually visited our church 3 years ago. I was put in contact again with him through the BCC chat line. He is now a person who knows and loves Christ. I have now met with him several times and have asked him directly, "What are you?" He replied to me, "I am not a Muslim, I am a Christian and a follower of Jesus but I have many, many things to learn."Please continue to pray for us as a church. Four people will be baptized (another one "Aycan" from the BCC and also from the city of Ordu).

Your brother Orhan