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Dear Friends,

I would say this is a unique time for Turkey. Our brother Andrew Brunson was finally released from prison last week and thus Turkey is in the news and many people continue to pray for this country. It is an unprecedented time of interest in the gospel. Below are pictures from around the country of just a handful of those who are interested, just entering the road to faith and/or who have decided to follow the wonderful, yet difficult, path of following Jesus. Pray for them and the many others who are searching and finding their Master in these days...


He has been a believer for 3 years. At one point his family came strongly against his faith. His father attacked him with an iron rod and broke his leg. He was locked in his room for a week and his leg became gangrenous. We have done a few Bible Studies and he is really enjoying our studies and growing. We will try to meet every week.









A brother who has come to faith in Konya












A new group of believers in Konya who want to meet for fellowship every week

Course students and friends on a trip to the Southeast of Turkey

He believed on Wednesday and wants to be baptized

He said he wanted to believe. He will come to our meeting on Sunday and pray to receive Christ

Last Sunday 19 people were baptized. Praise God 17 of them were connected to the BCC in some way


This Sunday 5 more people were baptized. 2 of them were BCC contacts

Yours for His Kingdom in Turkey,

David Wilson

For the BCC Team


Dear Friends,

This month we will focus on women being reached through the BCC in Turkey. We will start with a beautiful testimony and then show you a couple of charts showing the number and percentages of women who have written into the BCC in the last 9 years with a special focus on the month by month figures of women who have contacted us in 2018 to get our course and materials. Please focus your prayers on Turkish women this month as the Lord leads you.

Sila - Istanbul

"It was my second time meeting with Sila, and today we were spending time in the first chapter of John, discovering more about Jesus and what it means to follow him. From outward appearances I would have guessed Sila to be a devout follower of Islam but I knew from the little time we had spent together that she was falling in love with Jesus. She wore a headscarf, dressed as a conservative, and yet carried her New Testament with her wherever she went, underlining and highlighting her favourite passages and sharing them with her family and classmates. Though she hadn’t yet fully given her life to Jesus, she had already begun her journey of discovering him in the Word and sharing him with others. Today, as we looked at this account of the disciples’ first encounter with Jesus, we noticed together how quick they were to bring others along in their journey of discovering him. Andrew immediately brought his brother Simon to Jesus, and Philip went to tell Nathanael that he had found the Messiah. When we got to the question of how we might obey this passage that week, Sila shared that she wanted to invite others in her life to “come and see” Jesus for themselves in the Word. She said, “Rather than trying myself to convince them, I can just invite them to read and see for themselves!”

From the beginning, Sila’s own journey has been one of reading and discovering Jesus on her own. Before we even met face to face for the first time, I asked her to read the book of Mark and answer the questions: “What did Jesus say? What did Jesus do? and What is Jesus asking me to do?” She arrived at our first meeting with a notebook filled with notes and questions from everything she had read, but when we got to that last question of what Jesus was asking her to do, it was simple in her eyes. “It seems like the only thing he’s asking of me is that I believe in him, that Iput my trust in him.” She wasn’t quite ready for this step, but asked for prayer that she would be ready soon. Much like Andrew and Philip in John 1, Sila herself is only newly discovering the person of Jesus, and while she doesn’t have answers to every objection or question, already she is inviting others to “come and see” with her. One of these friends that she shared verses with asked if he could read her New Testament when she was finished with it. When she met up with him recently to give him the New Testament, she gave him the same homework I had given her, to read Mark and answer those three questions. He would have to “come and see” for himself!"

Numbers/Percentage of women signing up for the BCC since 2010

Women Signing Up for the BCC in 2018 (by month) 22% 2018

God bless you all!

David Wilson

For the BCC Team


Dear Friends,

Thanks for your commitment to pray for the BCC. Here are some stories and prayer points for the month of August:


Omar and Hasan

Omar's parents, concerned about his life direction, and wanting him to have good connections, began sending Omar to an Islamic cult while he was in high school. Omar was in that group for a couple of years, and was turned off by it. He began researching other religions and received a NT from the BCC


He met a few people from our church and began doing lessons. One of the first times he came, he brought a friend, Hasan, with him. Omar believed several months later. A couple weeks ago I got word that Omar's mother told him she had been having him followed. He left the house in anger, and went to stay with a friend. As I knew that the people he was closest to at church were out of town, I offered to get together and talk about his situation. When he came he brought Hasan with him. Hasan was diagnosed with anger problems when he was 5 so his family signed him up for martial arts lessons in the hope that that would help him control his anger. He's been quite successful in martial arts competitions but said, "they thought the discipline of martial arts would be good for me, but I live with the desire for the adrenaline that comes from fighting." I asked what he had done with what he knew about Jesus, and his response was, "He died for me and my sins." Both Omar and Hasan are keeping their faith secret from their families, and we don't know how long that will last, and are afraid of what their families might do when they find out. We looked at Jesus' great love for us on the cross and at what he said about expecting persecution. As they left Hasan said, "It will not be easy, but God will be with us." Please pray for a wisdom beyond their years as they are just starting out on their journey in difficult circumstances.


Bayram from our BCC Team made a visit along with 2 other brothers to the most remote province of Turkey (Hakkari) and was able to visit with some BCC contacts that had been waiting for months, and in some cases, years for a visit. Here are some of those you can pray for:





18 years old. His heart was very open to hear the good news and he asked very good questions. He didn't want us to leave when it was time to go so we set up another meeting and met again with him even though he was also sick. We gave him some books and even though he is in such a remote place he needs continued follow-up. We will keep in contact.


17 years old. We met in his father's glassware shop where he works together with his father Ferhat. Both of them were very open to hearing the gospel. Ferhat goes regularly to the mosque but has read the New Testament. We spoke and shared openly and left some books for them to read.


When we called he said he wanted to meet with us and we set up a meeting. He lives in a very remote town. and we passed many military and police checks to get there. We had very long checks along the road. All of that and Mehmet didn't show up for the visit. We prayed for the town and then returned.


We met with him and his barber friend in the city of Hakkari. He is very intelligent and well read. We talked a long time and will keep in contact and send more books for them to read.

Thanks for your prayers for these individuals. Especially pray for the province of Hakkari, truly one of the most, if not the most, unreached provinces of Turkey!

God bless you all!

David Wilson

For the BCC Team