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This month we have 2 stories from Ankara to share with you:

Ahmet hit the bottom of the barrel through divorce and sinful Internet choices.  He had quit taking care of himself, never left home except for work, and had very few friends.  At work, Ahmet had a friend who was a nominal Christian from Romania.  This made him curious about Christianity.  He decided to do some research on the Internet and found  Through this, we met.  Ahmet and I met for three days in a row, and at the end of that time, Ahmet prayed to receive Christ’s gift of salvation.  He has since gotten baptized and is eagerly introducing himself to the Christian community in Ankara.

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Two years ago, Beray found a New World Translation (Jehovah’s Witnesses) of the Bible in the garbage at her work place.  More recently, she decided to act on her curiosity by doing research on the Internet.  In this way, she found the BCC’s other website and ordered a New Testament.

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Via the BCC's follow up system, Beray was given to B to contact. This is what he said about her:

"After answering her preliminary questions over the phone, we met with her in downtown Ankara.  Beray’s aching heart from past mistakes and spiritual curiosity were immediately evident. After a couple of good one-on-one meetings, we invited Beray to our church plant.  I think she loved the worship songs more than anything else!  Three weeks later, Beray prayed in front of the church plant members and received Christ’s gift of salvation.  As you saw in my early update, she was baptized on May 5.  Since then, Beray has taken on the ministry responsibility of picking our worship songs each Sunday.  Also, she began bringing guests to our Bible study."

Ahmet and Beray are among the many thousands in Turkey who are searching for their true Father. Pray that they may be found and added to Kingdom of God in Turkey.


D. Wilson

For the BCC Team

In February, after four years of prayer and searching, the BCC, along with TACO, finally purchased a building for its ministry operations.

The new building is centrally located and has much more floor space for the various planned expansions. The building is in need, however, of major renovations, which we plan to begin doing, both with hired contractors and Christian volunteers, over the course of the next few months.

Please pray for the measure issue of getting all the present renters out of the building so that we can move in.


The BCC Leadership Team

Dear Friends,

This month we want to pray for 2 people and two areas of Turkey. Erzurum is known as one of the darkest and most unreached areas of Turkey and the Northeast of Turkey is considered the least reached quarter of the country. Sakarya is in the Northwest area of Turkey and has a population of around 250,000 with less than 5 known believers.

From Erzurum

We met with *Ercan last night for about an hour.  He is a Kurdish man orginally from Agri, but studying here in Erzurum.  He seemed like a very nice and sincere guy.  He has left Islam, even saying it’s the last religion on earth he would ever choose.  He appears to have become an atheist for a time, but now believes in the existence of a Creator.  He has read the Incil, and he asked us for a whole Kutsal Kitap, which we promised to give him.  At the moment, though, he doesn’t find Christianity persuasive.  But he is searching for answers and is open to meeting again.  I gave him the book Gercegin Izinde, which he said he would read.

From Adapazaari (Sakarya)

*Oguz grew up in a religious and conservative family, and his father graduated from a Islamic seminar and taught religious classes in school.  His parents forced him to read the Koran and follow the Islamic laws.  To please his parents, he followed Islamic laws and lived as a good Muslim.  After he graduated from Marmara University, his views of Islam suddenly changed and he began to question the teaching of Koran.  He had suspicions about the teaching of Islam, especially with the beliefs of the Incil (the New Testament) being changed and tainted.  He questioned whether God could allow the Incil to be changed.  For several years, he studied about Islam and the life of Mohammed more seriously and found out many inconsistencies.  Soon afterward, he began to seek the truth in Christianity.  He began to read about Christianity on the internet and had courage to request a New Testament and course from the BCC.  In August 2014, I was able to connect with Oguz, and he had many questions about the life of Jesus Christ and Christianity.  We began to study the Scriptures, both the Old Testament and the New Testament.  After studying the Scriptures for 3 months, he decided to receive Jesus Christ and he desires to be baptized in the spring.  At this moment, Oguz is going through one on one discipleship with me and he has joined our house group.  In December, he shared his testimony for the first time to some Sakarya University students, who are also seeking the Lord.  His favourite praise song is Kutsal Ruh ile dolunca.....(When the Holy Spirit fills .......).   I am praying that Oguz will grow mightily in the Lord and that the Lord will use him for His purpose.  Please keep Oguz in your prayers.

*Names changed


For the BCC Team