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Well the violent demonstrations that became world news in Turkey appear to have ceased these last few days, which is good. That doesn’t mean the issues which caused them have been resolved; that I think may take some time.

What has changed is that the protests have taken a different form. Instead of seeing running battles between protestors and riot police, we now have the ‘silent protest’ which was started In Taksim Square, Istanbul, by Erdem Gunduz. sınce then hundreds of people have stood in sılence ın cities across Turkey.

My hope is that solutions will be found to resolve the crisis. Certainly in these last days many prayers have been offered and answered. But while people stand in silence in cities across Turkey, my hope and prayer is that they will all ask themselves one question. “Where is God in all of this”?

In the last week or so I have been reading through the book of Psalms, I was particularly struck by the words of Psalm 46: 10

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

So I pray that those who stand in silent protest will ask God that question. Be assured that despite all the troubles in Turkey and across the world. God is sovereign, and He is in control! That’s the wonder of God and being in relationship with Him. No matter what happens in our topsy turvy world. The words of Hebrews 13: 8 are true today; ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!’ He never changes; He loves us unconditionally and seeks relationship with us! And in Jesus Christ we can have that relationship and eternal salvation.

So no matter what promises and guarantee’s leaders and politicians make to us, our hope and trust should be in Jesus, because he never changes and neither do his promises!!!

Pray that in the silence, people will hear God speaking to them.

Pray that they will seek and discover Him and enter into relationship with him.

With protests continuing in Turkey, elections in Iran along with various other demonstrations and conflicts around the world it makes people wonder sometimes in whom we should put our trust.

Over the years various leaders have been proclaimed as the ones who have the answers, Kennedy, Reagan. Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair! Then you have people like Gandhi who led a great people movement across India.

In Turkey the Father and founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemel Atatürk, who revolutionised Turkey until his death in 1938.

And now in these last few weeks in Turkey during the demonstrations and protests, Atatürk’s name has been proclaimed again by thousands of people across Turkey, many of whom see his ideas as the way forward, a sort of modern day saviour!

But repeatedly God’s word, the bible tells us that we must put our trust in Him, that’s the best way ahead for us. He is the one who uniquely created each one of us, so He ought to know what’s best for us?

Again and again throughout the book of Psalms God tells us not to put our trust and confidence in Kings, politicians or leaders of men, because there is no help for us there, Psalm 146 vs 3.

God also says  that we should treat God’s word as a lamp for our feet, and a light on our path, Psalm 119 v 105.

The only one we should put our trust is in God, for He is our Refuge and our Strength, Psalm 46 v 1.

So let us continue to share the good news of the gospel with those who are seeking answers to the many questions that life in 2013 and beyond raises. Let us proclaim God’s name across Turkey, and Jesus as the only saviour of the world,  whose promises are true and in whom we can put our trust!

Pray that God will show His love and compassion to the people of Turkey and the world.

Pray that God will pour our his Holy Spirit across Turkey through dreams and visions.

Pray that God will equip believers to share His word with Muslim people in Turkey.

Pray that Turkish people will receive the "Good News of the Gospel" and come into relationship with Christ our Saviour. 

I’am not sure what we are to make of the recent disturbing events in Istanbul, Ankara and a number of other Turkish cities highlighting dissatisfaction amongst some of Turkey’s 77 million population on how the country is run, especially the issue of the seemingly growing constraints of Islam on a secular society?

Without becoming political, I am not saying either side in the protests are right or wrong, but I would like to share an opinion, that certainly amongst the young, there is hope for the future?

But hope in what? Well hope that the youngsters of Turkey will discover that a Saviour, Jesus has been born to them. The laws of Turkey prohibit the evangelisation of young people up to 18 years, but the growing number of students provides fertile ground for seed to be planted and for God to provide a harvest.

Only last week, after 5 days of protests a larger number of adverts were placed the BCC in the Turkish press, hoping to attract people who had become disillusioned and were seeking fresh revelation into the answers to life’s big issues. And from that, the number of new enquiries at the BCC increased! Whether the increase was solely down to the protests I am not sure, but I know from past crises that an increase in enquiries has always followed.

Also, fairly recently a believer shared the words to the Turkish worship song Müjde Bu, with students in the centre of Istanbul. The song tells the listener that Jesus is King, that he loves them and he died to save them, and he offers salvation to all who call on his name.

 These students, using video were doing a questionairre project with English speakers. One of the questions was “do you know any Turkish songs”?  “Yes” said the believer who recited the words of the song to the students. You are may be thinking well it’s only a couple of students. That’s right,  but they were going back to the university to share with other students, showing their film, and so a wider range of people would hear the ‘song of salvation’!

The words of which are below in both Turkish and English,

Müjde bu: Rab hayatını feda etti.                                   This is the Good News: The Lord gave his life for

Sonsuz kurtuluşun için.                                                   your eternal salvation

O sevdi seni Kurtardı seni.                                              He loves you. He saves you.

Rab Sultan, Rab Sultan.                                                   The Lord rules

O sevdi seni Kurtardı seni                                               He loves you. He saves you

Güçlü Kral güçlü kral                                                        He is a powerful King

Onu tüm gücümle överim överim överım                     I will praise him with all my strength

Aleluya Aleluya.                                                                  Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Aleluya Aleluja                                                                   Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Pray for believers to get the opportunity to share the message of the gospel of peace.

Pray for students and the young in Turkey, that they will hear and receive the message of salvation.