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You may think with the repeated appeals for God to work in the lives of Turkish people and bring them into relationship with him, that there is no fruit from the labours of believers across Turkey. The fruit that is produced is slow growing and takes time to ripen, but it is fruit all the same.


That’s not to say that believers in Christ within Turkey are satisfied with the growth; there are not, and are constantly asking our father God to produce more, because only God can do it. But it can be a slow process. Many believers around the world may ask why this is so and why are there not more Turkish believers?

Well for a Muslim to come to Christ it’s not just a case of attending an outreach event, like in the USA or the United Kingdom, hearing the message and saying “I commit my life to Jesus”, although that does happen occasionally I am sure.

No, for a Turkish Muslim coming into relationship with Christ or for any Muslim for that matter, there is a cost. It can mean that Muslim Background Believers (MBB’s) can be the victims of intimidation within the family, workplace or friends. I know of one woman who was told by her boss that she would get paid when she went to the mosque and repented, fortunately in this case the owner of the company stepped in and sorted the situation out.

Often it’s a case of building relationships with Turkish Muslims and that can take time. They have many questions they want answers too, probably the most frequently asked question is “has bible has been changed” or they have questions and issues about Jesus, is he simple a good man, a prophet or the “Saviour of the World”?

Below are two short testimonies of Turkish MBB’s, who came to faith,

In the past couple months course students Ali and his wife Fatma have come to faith. Believers from the BCC visited them and shared with them often and the whole family has now believed (5 brothers and sisters and 1 mother).  Two of the brothers have been baptized and soon the rest of the family will be also.

Cevdet was a Muslim Imam (priest). He is married with two children and actually visited the church 3 years ago. Through the BCC chat line, contact with him again. Cevdet is now a person who knows and loves Christ. I have now met with him several times and have asked him directly, "What are you?" He replied to me, "I am not a Muslim, I am a Christian and a follower of Jesus but I have many, many things to learn."

Please pray for the thousands of people like Ali, Fatma and Cevdet who still have not heard the message of “Hope and Salvation”.

Pray that Turkish Muslim Background Believers faith in Christ will grow strong roots.

In my travels through rural areas of south eastern Turkey this last week, I saw much activity in the fields, as workers knelt under the intense daytime sun, carefully planting and tending crops for the coming harvest in the autumn.

I can compare this with the picture I see of the workers within Turkey, taking out the message of the gospel. That also can be backbreaking work, but then the task is enormous. The sad fact is that of the 75 million plus people who live in Turkey, there are still many millions who have not heard the “Good News of the Gospel of Christ”.

Over the last 50 plus years, many seeds have been planted by many different people, and some of these seeds have grown and flourished, growing strong roots. The church in Turkey is growing very slowly, and believers in Turkey are asking God to raise up a strong body of believers across the whole country, including the provinces which border Iraq, Iran and Syria.

We need more workers, the task is vast. But let me ask you this? Will you come? Will you come to Turkey and take the message out to places like Adıyaman, Gümüshane, Bitlis, Hakkari, Şırnak and Batman?

 Isaiah 6 vs. 8 says:- ‘Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Has God asked you to come to Turkey? And have you said, Yes I will go?



A few weeks ago I wrote about the Thursday Packing Team at the Bible Correspondence Course, which meets to make up the parcels of Incils, other books and DVDs that are sent out weekly to seeking Turkish Muslims.

But there is more to the BCC than just the packing team. The BCC is a registered charity or (dernek in Turkish). There is a chairman and a committee of about 16 members made of a mix of mature Turkish believers and International workers. In addition the BCC has a leadership team made up of about 5 BCC staff who make decisions on the way the BCC is run.

The four rooms along with the tiny kitchen and a toilet which make up the BCC office are more than a little cramped and chaotic at times, but all the people involved have deep hearts for sharing the gospel.

The office is run by Suna the manager, who supervises both BCC staff and volunteers. There Atakan and Zeynep deal with telephone enquiries and data entry, another guy Tom* who handles the prison ministry. The BCC get quite a number of requests from the inmates of Turkish prisons, a number of whom have come to faith.

Another important person in the BCC is the cook called Yağmur*This lady has only been with us for a while, the previous cook left. But Yağmur* in the short time she has been with us has prepared some fabulous food.

On top of all that there are the two Peters* who deal with IT issues, not just the everyday duties of keeping everything running, but website development, adverts for the newspapers, Google ads and the BCC websites, Facebook page and the chat-rooms, allowing Turks to communicate with believers about difficult questions they may have.

On top of all that there is the task of ordering and re-ordering Incils, and other books and DVDs that can be a massive task, at the moment the Incil is probably going out in every package, so we always need to keep a track on current stock.

We also have Emine* who deals with money, on a day to day basis for the BCC, as well Pauline* who spends a good amount of her time raising awareness about the financial needs of the BCC for future programmes and development.   

Names changed*

Have you got skills in web design or Graphic design and reach out to Turkish Muslims?

Pray that God would provide Webpage designers, Graphic designers and funds to ensure that the BCC will continue to "reach the unreached" in Turkey!!